Vibration monitoring

Vibrations are a common cause for concern from neighbours adjacent to construction sites.  If ignored, complaints can lead to an escalation of disputes and, in some cases, result in a claim of nuisance and the remedy of an injunction.  As the threshold at which people perceive vibration is significantly lower than that which poses a risk of damage to buildings, this can be a very subjective issue.

Our experience of vibration monitoring at GIA shows that disputes can be avoided through education and use of technical evidence that demonstrates no breach of Local Authority guidelines or British Standards.  We were asked to advise in the case of Hiscox Syndicates Ltd v The Pinnacle Ltd, which involved significant application of British Standards and knowledge of the law surrounding vibration.  This same expertise has been used to achieve similar practical outcomes for many types of client, helping them to avoid disputes and costly litigation.

We have invested in the latest Vibrock monitoring equipment, which uses GSM technology to remotely monitor vibration from discrete locations.  If pre-agreed trigger levels are breached, the project team is notified via SMS or email, allowing them to respond immediately.

To find out more about vibration monitoring, contact Aaron Morris