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Sun Hours on Ground

Our philosophy at GIA is to translate planning guidance into good design advice.

We have therefore developed sun exposure maps which go beyond a demonstration of compliance, allowing designers to shape the landscape according to how much or how little sunlight is necessary for their project – whether a sunny children’s playground in London or a cool shaded café in Dubai.

The Sun Hours on Ground assessment is applied to both new and existing gardens/amenity areas which are affected by developments. Using specialist software the path of the sun is tracked to determine where the sun would reach the ground and where it would not, to ascertain if the amenity space will receive the levels of sunlight as recommended within the BRE guidelines.

The BRE guidelines provide that 50% of each proposed amenity area should receive 2 hours of direct sunlight on March 21st or that the proportion of the amenity space which receives 2 hours of direct sunlight should not be reduced by more than 20%.