Lots Road Development

The Brief

The current London site, a Power Station built in 1904, occupies a wide bend of the Thames. The architect’s intention was to create a ‘new village’ to connect the Lots Road neighbourhood on one side with Chelsea Harbour and Imperial Wharf on the other.

GIA was asked to advise at an early stage on the scheme, in particular the major challenges involved in converting the Power Station and its resulting relationship with the new-build aspects proposed. There are also several existing residential properties surrounding the site which needed to be considered in relation to daylight and sunlight. GIA was involved throughout the design process, writing the Environmental Impact Assessment for the site and subsequently presenting expert witness evidence at the Public Inquiry.

The Solution

GIA was able to deliver this extremely labour intensive project on time and to specification. The project involved optimising and analysing literally thousands of rooms within the scheme itself, to provide robust daylight and sunlight internal assessments for Public Inquiry, as well as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment.

Strategic advice detailed how to improve the internal daylight and sunlight, particularly in relation to the conversion of the power station. The project was successful with planning permission granted after a Public Inquiry where daylight and sunlight internal to the scheme was one of the key issues considered. The result was a high density scheme that allowed good levels of daylight and sunlight throughout. This development will now create one of the largest covered public streets in London and open around 600 metres of river and creek to public use for the first time in over a hundred years.

Special Features

1. GIA’s large team of CAD analysts undertook analysis of this proposal, both internally and to the surrounding properties, probably one of the largest such studies undertaken in London.

2. GIA’s design input enabled the scheme to be optimised to allow good levels of internal daylight and sunlight to the residential units of the scheme and also to the open spaces in and around the scheme.

3. GIA’s expertise at Public Inquiry was key to obtaining planning permission for the scheme.

Project Details


Lots Road Development


Daylight and Sunlight


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