Rights of Light

Rights of Light expertise to optimise
development potential

Based at our offices in London, Manchester and Belfast, GIA has the largest dedicated rights of light departments in the UK. For more than 20 years, we have been delivering solutions to affected schemes, maximizing the development potential of a site.

Together with planning, rights of light can be one of the greatest constraints on development potential in built-up areas. With a practical and creative approach, our rights of light surveyors always take account of the commercial opportunities as well as the limitations.

We work with architects, developers and clients to identify a clear and proactive strategy. We also utilize our unique Negotiations team, to conclude matters with neighbouring property owners or their surveyors as quickly and cost effectively as possible..

Rights of Light Services

  • Initial appraisal and indicative analysis (technical and legal)

  • Survey based technical analysis

  • Full technical analysis

  • Strategic reporting

  • Portfolio management

  • Expert witness

  • Scheme cutbacks or enhancements

  • Maximum building envelopes


A unique, specialist team solely dedicated to the detailed technical and financial process of negotiating the release of rights to light.

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Daylight & Sunlight

Expert daylight and sunlight assessment for optimum light levels in challenging environments

Understanding the levels of daylight and sunlight in a development is key to delivering the higher density required in urban areas whilst maintaining the quality of the proposed building. 

Consideration of the daylight impact of a new development on neighbouring properties can determine the amount of massing available on a site. Equally, designing for good daylight within a proposed scheme is vital to ensuring the proposed accommodation is of good quality. At GIA we look to solve daylight and sunlight issues with innovative solutions that optimise retained light, whilst maximising the value of the development.  

As one of the most experienced teams in the UK, our services include compilation of the detailed analysis required by an Environmental Impact Assessments for large developments that are in close proximity to residential buildings or amenity areas. We have extensive experience of acting as expert witness at Planning Committee Meetings and Public Inquiries, and have advised the GLA and other public bodies on policies and standards for daylighting.

Daylight & Sunlight Services

  • Indicative daylight and sunlight advice and design recommendations

  • Calculations on average daylight factors

  • Daylight and sunlight reports

  • Overshadowing reports

  • Environmental impact assessments

  • Advice on, and representation at, Planning Committee and Public Inquiry

Learn more about our proactive approach to daylight and sunlight for planning by reading our case studies.

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