Vertex Modelling

Specialist in capturing and visualising the built environment

Vertex Modelling is a small team of remote sensing and 3D Modelling specialists. Based in the heart of London we create 3D models of built environments all over the UK. We work closely with leading surveying, property, BIM and design consultancies, architectural practices and CGI / VFX studios.

Vertex Modelling specialise in creating the most accurate and detailed architectural 3D models. Utilising state-of-the-art remote sensing technology we have the the ability to capture any site in London or the rest of the UK. Using the latest high-resolution aerial imagery we model sites to unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy.

GIA Equation
Lighting Design

GIA Equation’s simple aspiration is to set a new standard of excellence by providing the best and most creative lighting design solutions for the architectural and built environment.

Wish London

Combining artistic flair with a technical understanding of the best way to achieve the optimum potential from a built environment.

Strategic Measurement Consultants

Combining the latest data capture technology and full 3-D laser scanning with the bests analysis professionals to provide agents and developers with unrivalled measured survey information and service.