At GIA we channel our culture of curiosity, creativity and discovery into research that is at the forefront of innovation in our industry.

We look to explore all aspects of our work, from the guidelines we work within, to the assumptions we make, and the technology we employ.

Here are some of our current research projects, please contact us for more details:

Unlocking London’s Residential Density report

Rights of light

  • The Waldram diagram method of rights of light assessment
  • The standard used within that method - the 0.2% contour
  • Radiance and climate based data for rights of light
  • Validity of transferred rights of light
  • Profit related basis of damages
  • Historic trends in compensation payments

Daylight and Sunlight

  • The operation of the BRE Guidelines
  • Design guidance for daylight within city centres
  • The relation of value to daylight
  • Typologies and their relation to daylight
  • Daylight and overall amenity in schemes

Third Party Matters

  • The precise determination of site boundaries to maximise development
  • The relation of privacy and outlook to general neighbourly matters
  • Legal elements which need review within the Party Wall etc Act 1996
  • The co-ordination of all legal, technical and practical Third Party matters


  • VMware and Cloud based calculation
  • Game engine software to illustrate the effects of daylight and sunlight