GIA Overturn Landmark Whitechapel Case


GIA, specialist in rights of light, daylight and sunlight called for a revision of the BRE approach to the issue (which is focused more on suburban development) for dense urban environments in a report published in May last year.

It said: “While it recommends a more contextual approach and setting alternative target values for city centres, urban environments and historic locations, it crucially does not set out what these are.

“In the absence of this guidance, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is taken by many local authorities, resulting in the same daylight/sunlight targets appropriate for a development in suburban locations being applied to developments in central London.

“This impedes London’s ability to make the most efficient use of its land, resulting in low site coverage and greater separation distances between buildings. Most importantly, it hinders London’s ability to deliver the volume of homes that its population needs.”