Neighbourly Liaison

The opinions, actions and rights of neighbours are largely outside of the client’s control, yet they can present one of the main risks to development schemes.  Many clients actively seek to maintain positive relationships with neighbours and the community, and in cases where there is a local interest, doing so can be key to the success of the entire project.

At GIA we understand the importance of neighbour liaison and can even provide a project specific call handling service that manages, tracks and reports queries and complaints throughout the project’s life.  Each query is professionally and appropriately handled by a team member with relevant skills and experience.

We have found that this service provides neighbours with the assurance that the developer or client cares about, and is addressing, their concerns.  Importantly, it also allows the on-site team to continue work uninterrupted and conclude the project with relationships intact.

For details of how neighbourly liaison works in practice, contact Aaron Morris