Elephant and Castle

The Elephant park development consists of 12 individual development plots and GIA has worked on Phase 2, which includes two development plots linked by new public realm. The development plots contain a mix of residential and other land uses, and are of varying heights and massing to fit into the specific character areas in which they are located and the surrounding urban context.

GIA worked alongside the design team in order to optimise the daylight and sunlight per­formance of the proposed development. To this end a number of preliminary assessments illustrating the plots and massing daylight and sunlight po­tential were undertaken and the results used to inform the design process all the way to planning submission.


Daylight Potential Assessments

Internal Daylight Assessments


Panther Hudspith Architects



Lend Lease Ltd


Overshadowing assessments

Massing optimisation

Internal layouts and fa├žade optimisation

Internal daylight and sunlight assessments