Telstra – UPS upgrades

The Brief

To provide CDM services for a project to remove and replace 12 Uninterruptable Power Supplies in an 8-storey data centre.

Site Description:

The site is used as a data centre and located at Greenwich Viewpoint, Docklands.  The building was constructed circa 1980’s and abuts the water front.  Partially occupied, it houses large amounts of plant and IT equipment for TFL.

Task and Outcome:

  • Appointed a specialist contractor with proven experience to undertake the projec
  • Issued a F10 notification to the Health & Safety Executive
  • Reviewed the design to ensure that risk elimination or reduction took place where possible
  • Issued the Pre-construction Information plan
  • Reviewed the contractors Health and Safety plan
  • Carried out routine inspections during the work
  • Ensured that the client was fully informed of their obligations
  • Prepared and issued the Health and Safety file

Project Details




Building Consultancy


Transport For London