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Boundary determination

Boundary determination is not always straightforward.  Physical features that identify the boundary may have disappeared or there may be an ongoing boundary dispute between the owners of land held under separate titles.

It is vital to know the precise boundary position, whether it relates to a back garden fence or to the perimeter of a city centre commercial scheme.  The boundary not only determines the extent of land each party owns but also influences the legal status of structures that might sit astride or adjacent to it.

At GIA our skills and experience in boundary determination have been a vital component in both commercial and private projects.  We will obtain and review title information and study historic maps, deeds or other information that identifies why a boundary has come into being and what has caused its particular profile; this allows us to identify features that relate to the boundary position and plot the boundary onto electronic topographical survey information.

Contact us for an informal discussion about boundary determination or other boundary or party wall matters.